Since 1960

Power Generation

As a crucial partner to the nuclear, fossil, and hydroelectric power generation industries, Collins Machine Works possesses 50 years of experience and excitement for serving new customers in the emerging energy sectors. We provide full-service manufacturing and repair services both in-plant and on-site. Our experienced, well-equipped team is prepared to handle all your planned and unplanned outages, reduce the mean time between failures, and increase your overall efficiency.
Power Generation

Expedited service. Right there when you need us.

We know there’s no time to waste when things go wrong. That’s why Collins Machine Works offers expedited service to quickly mobilize our technicians and project managers and respond to even your most challenging operational emergencies. Add an exceptional safety rating, and you’ll see why Collins is the powerful partner you need. Contact Collins today.

Powerful Help for Power Generators

  • Circulating water pump repair and service
  • Condensate water pump repair and service
  • Service water pump repair and service
  • Coal mill repairs
  • Flange facing
  • Bolt removal & drilling
  • Heat treatment
  • Line boring with up to 8” diameter bars
  • Welding
  • Milling
  • Gears and reducers