Since 1960

Project Management

Our project managers are there every step of the way, working internally with engineers and supply chain managers to provide sound, cost-efficient solutions for complex repairs, large fabrications and new construction. It's a powerful combination of talent and technology that brings both cost-efficiency and peace of mind to our customers.
Project Management

The unique capability of Collins Machine Works to handle both in-plant manufacturing and on-site machining gives our customers the best of all worlds. Whether for a simple part, a new system, or research and development, our project management team has the experience to work with our customers to meet requirements, schedules and budgets.

Supply Chain Management

Robust and flexible, our supply chain network includes hundreds of experienced suppliers and subcontractors, along with a complete turnkey solution for every project.  Working closely with project managers and quality assurance experts, our supply chain team ensures that material requirements are met and verified at every stage of production.


With decades of fabrication and machining experience, our engineering team can tackle any job for our military and industrial customers. We’ll evaluate your design and machining specifications and develop a detailed, step-by-step plan to manufacture your product in a way that improves quality and reduces production costs. Our end-to-end fabrication and machining solutions cover every facet of your project, from tooling, equipment and manpower requirements to production fixtures and methods.