Since 1960

Marine Shafting & Components

Each component we produce meets or exceeds client’s critical standards, requirements and specifications. Every time. Our streamlined processes save our customers time and money. We bring unparalleled talent and technology, backed by decades of shipbuilding and shaft knowledge, to meet the needs of our commercial and naval customers.
Marine Shafting & Components

Collins Machine Works comprises an innovative, adaptive and customer-centric team of industrial professionals with rare breadth and depth. We pride ourselves on providing solutions for any and all challenges our customers may encounter. From VTLs with over a 100-inch swing to CNC lathes capable of holding work pieces up to 60 tons with 75’ between centers, Collins Machine Works constantly looks for creative ways to exceed the complex shafting component requirements of the maritime industry.

Repair Processes

  • Pre-machining Eroded Areas
  • Weld Buildup – Localized and Circumferential Repair
  • Stress Relief
  • Straightening – Cold Peening/hot spotting/mechanical methodologies
  • Final Machining of Repaired Areas
  • Shot Peening
  • Single-Piece Sleeve Installation
  • Split-Sleeve Installation
  • Final Inspections
  • Installation of Complex Preservative Coating Systems

 Component Work

  • Manufacture and Installation of Shaft Coupling Bolts
  • Manufacture of Accessories – Rotor/Propeller Keys, Hydraulic Pilgrim Nuts, Locking/Balance Keys, Etc.
  • Boring/Honing/Splitting Sleeves
  • Shaft Bore Visual Inspection and Repair
  • Shaft Bore Cleaning and Preservation
  • Refurbishment of Rotating Coupling Covers
  • Installation of Shaft-Bearing Sleeves
  • Fit-Up Check Of Shafts to Propellers and Couplings
  • Balancing of Assemblies and Single-Piece Components

Service Highlight

Viktor-lenac needed on-site support for USS Mount Whitney to straighten a propeller shaft, fit a set of coupling bolts, and perform rudder stock work. They shipped the shaft to a machine shop site in Denmark and the Collins team traveled there to evaluate the shaft’s condition, determining that it needed to be shipped to Collins in Charleston for repair. Collins coordinated all the work including planning, scheduling, material procurement, shipment and on-site support in Rijeka, Croatia. All repairs were completed in compliance with the customer’s requirements.