Since 1960

Industrial Engineered Machinery

Collins Machine Works is your #1 source for industrial engineered machinery repairs. For over 60 years, we’ve earned our reputation as a go-to resource for high-quality repairs and upgrades to gear reducers, blowers, mixers and more.
Industrial Engineered Machinery

With the ability to reverse-engineer obsolete parts and quickly provide replacements, our machining capabilities are second to none. Our experienced engineers ensure that the proper technical specifications are applied to each part we manufacture, including metallurgical properties and geometric tolerances.

The Collins Difference

  • Detailed ‘As Found’ inspection reports and recommendations for required repairs
  • CNC turning and milling capabilities
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Welding and heat treatment of all types of materials to support repairs
  • QA processes to ensure repair reliability

Service Highlight

When you think of a gearbox, you probably think of your car’s transmission, which uses gears to convert energy from a rotational power source into speed and torque. It lets you shift through different power outputs to speed up, slow down and take on inclines.

But at Collins Machine Works, we think of something bigger. Around 30 tons bigger. So when we got a call from a client to repair and rebuild a Renk gearbox, we were nothing but excited.

After receiving the gearbox, our team immediately began disassembly to inspect the pieces. We discovered the problem – a failed bearing in the planetary gears. We quickly repaired and reassembled the massive gearbox. From start to finish, the process took only six days, allowing our client to get back up and running much faster than expected.

As usual, we exceeded our client’s expectations, keeping their downtime to a minimum. With a reliable team and streamlined process, CMW transforms even an emergency repair into a success story.